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Team Girl Fight
America's 1st All-Female Combat sports team

A Martial Artist should be a "bonus to society."
She should be respectful, confident, disciplined, quick-witted and brave. 
She should be patient, honest, helpful, and a good sense of sportsWOmanship.


Hazelle Dongui-is




Muay Thai record: 2-2

Prairie Rugilo




Muay Thai record: 8-4-1 (1 TKO)

Former NY STATE WKA 125lb champ

2012 NJ Martial Arts Hall of Fame - Muay Thai fighter of year

Jaime Phillips

140-150 lbs



Muay Thai record: 2-0

Danielle Vail-Kuhlwein

137 - 145lbs



Muay Thai record: 1-0

Mona Gioe

150 - 160 lbs



Muay Thai record: 1-0

Christina Rodriguez

150 - 155 lbs



Muay Thai record: 1-1

Superstitions about female Muay Thai fighters
Traditionally, women were banned from entering the Muay Thai boxing ring and there was no women?s boxing in Thailand. This fact originates from long-held superstitions that a female presence may destroy a Muay Thai boxer?s skill, making him vulnerable to injuries. The belief is that female boxers (Nak Muay Ying) will jinx any Muay Thai ring they fight in. Girl Fight Martial Arts we encourage women and children to train. Women?s boxing competitions now take place all over the world. Women who train at Girl Fight Martial Arts can compete in a women?s Muay Thai or MMA event, if that is their aim.

Promoting Women's Muay Thai fights

In the 1960s current president of the Muay Thai Institute (MTI), Amnuay, a former fighter himself, tried to popularize women's Muay Thai in Thailand by holding female bouts at Bangkok's famed Lumpinee Stadium. He soon gave up as the predominantly male Thai fans refused to watch, or more crucially bet on, the women's matches. In the following decades, the only place to see women boxing has been at provincial temple fairs and festivals. Things are gradually changing and different stadiums in Thailand now work to different rules. Lumpinee and Rajadamnoen, the two big Bangkok Muay Thai boxing stadiums, still ban women from entering the ring, and do not promote women?s boxing. Some Thai boxing arenas have separate men and women?s boxing rings. Many Muay Thai training camps in Thailand now accepts women, and female fighters these days wear the mongkon (head circlet) and prajed (woven armband) as the men do. Some Muay Thai fighters still object to the idea of a woman touching their mongkon, while others are more liberal.

Women's Muay Thai bouts

Once inside the ring, Thai women fight just as intensely as the men. The only difference between the five-round matches is that men fight three-minute rounds with one-minute breaks, while women go for two minutes with two-minutes breaks. As in men's Muay Thai, each match begins with the ceremonial Ram Muay ritual dance. Like the men, the women fight barefoot and Professional fighters do not wear protective gear apart from a padded bra and crotch guard. (Amateurs cover the head and shins with padded guards.)

A Muay Thai Fighter?s Training Regimen

A competing Muay Thai fighter has to stay in top physical condition throughout the year. A fighter typically cannot afford to be lazy if she wants to stay in the limelight. Training sessions are held daily, often on weekends as well, and are strict, no-nonsense affairs. Naturally, the degree of discipline differs greatly from camp to camp, but in general, trainers follow the same pattern. Thai Boxing teachers are usually hard on their students though not unreasonable.

A typical training schedule will look something like this:

  1. Fifteen minutes of rope skipping at different speeds
  2. Shadow boxing for five rounds with one-minute breaks, using all offensive techniques, including fists, knees and feet
  3. Bag practice for five rounds with one-minute breaks, using all attacks in a Thai Boxer?s repertoire
  4. Sparring with a senior fighter or trainer who wears specially designed protective pads on her forearms. She uses only defensive moves and directs the attacks of the boxer, who is to react as fast as she can using any technique she sees fit.
  5. General exercise such as push-ups, sit-ups, and light weight training
  6. Roadwork: this is normally done early in the morning and consists of at least one half-hour of jogging and includes five rounds of running at increased speed for three minutes. During one-minute breaks the runner does not rest but keeps on jogging

The fighters live on a controlled diet determined by the trainer. Its main ingredients are lean meat, fresh vegetables, and plenty of fruit, supplemented by milk and eggs.

Physical training is not the only part of a traditional Muay Thai fighter?s education. For those who live in a traditional camp, discipline extends to the non-training hours. They do chores and run errands for their teacher, whose every word is obeyed. The more concerned and knowledgeable instructor also lectures students on anatomy and the workings of the muscular, nervous, respiratory and digestive systems, and teaches them massage techniques. The teacher, "Kru", gives moral coaching and acts as teacher, doctor, mother and sister. In the words of a well-known boxing instructor, a Muay Thai fighter should be a "bonus to society." She should be a good technician, confident, disciplined, quick-witted and brave. She should be patient, helpful, and polite, with a good sense of sportsmanship.